As the preeminent infrastructure consulting firm in the world, we provide a wide range of services to clients from concept to completion, spanning the disciplines of architecture, engineering, environmental science, and building services. Our services extend to customers all over the world and cover the whole spectrum of a project's existence, from inception to completion, from finance to management.

We have multiple offices nationwide. We are able to take on projects of any size. We also have access to a huge pool of qualified experts that have worked in both domestic and foreign markets. There are several ways in which we may assist our customers:

Building and project administration:

From conceptualization to final construction, Aesom is a global leader in the manufacture of large-scale structures such as eco-friendly office towers, hydropower dams, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and recreational and leisure centers. Our professionals can cover everything from managing projects to providing general contracts. When it comes to strategy, planning, and implementation, we operate as a unified unit.

We offer a range of architectural, engineering, and construction management services to help our clients bring their building projects to life.

Our architectural services include the design of new buildings, as well as the renovation and remodeling of existing structures. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences and use that information to create custom plans that meet their requirements. Our designs are not only functional and efficient but also visually stunning and reflective of the client's tastes and preferences.

The engineering services we offer, include structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. We have a team of experienced engineers who specialize in designing safe, sustainable, and efficient systems for buildings. Our engineers work closely with the architectural team to ensure that the building design and systems are fully integrated and optimized for performance.

The construction management services, offer help to ensure that the building project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. We provide a range of services including project management, cost estimating, scheduling, quality control, and safety management. Our construction management team works closely with the architectural and engineering teams to ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Our mission is to provide a seamless and efficient process for our clients, from the project commencement to the last phase leading to the completion of the project. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality work and ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with the final product.


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