BIM Modeling Services

Take Advantage of BIM Modeling to Manage Your Projects with AESOM

We provide BIM modeling services for all types of construction projects, from small residential homes to large commercial buildings. We offer a wide range of services and products, including architectural drawings, building plans and specifications, engineering drawings, civil engineering designs and more.

We have a team of experienced professionals who provide you with professional services that you can rely on. Our staff is dedicated to providing high quality service at affordable prices. Our customers are our top priority and we work hard to ensure that they get what they need. We are committed to providing them with excellent customer service at all times.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible BIM service at a competitive price. If you have any questions about our services or products, please contact us today.

Quality Assurance Department

All our services including the Construction CPM Scheduling are passed from the strict quality check. We’ve no space for tolerance on our work and we make sure to fulfill it through our quality check.

Files Overview

At first, our quality check team double check the files. They make sure that all the files that are requested by the contractor are received from the team and designers. We make sure that all the files are received.

Files Review

In this step, CPM scheduling consultants review all the files. The main motive is to make sure that the files and the data inside the files are accurate and precise and there’s no human error involved in the file.

Files sent to contractor

In the last step, we send the files to the contractor. Before sending, we make sure that all the files are are completed and passed from our QA department. And in the end result, the file is received by the contractor which is 100% accurate, trusted and authentic.

What we offer?

We are a full service drafting company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer a wide range of services from residential to commercial and everything in between. Call us now for more information!

How does our service work?

Our service works in an easy way. At first, all you’ve to do is to call or email us and book your service. We’ll call your back and request for the requirements. Once we go through your requirements, we’ll give you the quotation to get started.

High quality solutions

All our solutions are high quality and we’ve 0 tolerance policy against errors and quality checks. All our designs and completed work is passed from a QA agent. After the completed work is passed from a QA team, it is delivered to our client.

Book and order

If you like the quotation, you can place the order. Just let us know when to start and pay the advance. We’ll handle the rest for you. You can book the order directly from our email. We’ll then send you the final delivery as per the ETA. Moreover, you can also request additional services as an add-on.

Lowest Pricing

We know that our competitors are charging unfair pricing due to their monopoly. We understand this and that’s why we offer you the lowest pricing possible to all our clients so they can get the work done in the lowest possible pricing.

We’re just a phone call away!


Delivery on time


Quality service


Errors and mistakes

Our services are just a phone call away. Call us, send your requirements, consider the quotation and place the order. It’s that easy!

What is BIM Modeling?

The building information model (BIM) is a digital representation of a building that helps architects, engineers and construction professionals to design, manage and construct buildings more efficiently. The BIM model provides the essential data for planning and designing buildings.

The BIM model is a 3D computer-aided engineering design tool that allows you to create virtual models of buildings. This allows you to plan them, check their design and use them in different stages of construction.

The main benefit that many people see in using BIM Modeling is that it allows you to have full control over your project from start to finish. You will no longer be limited by what your working drawings or plans tell you about how something should look like, but rather you will be able to create anything that you want without having to worry about the limitations of working drawings or plans.

Construction Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental Engineering Services

BIM Modeling is the process of creating a 3D model or any other kind of representation based on a set of 2D drawings and dimensions.

Yes, we are able to provide BIM Modeling Service for projects in progress. The need for information about the existing building model is essential to ensure that there are no gaps between the current state of the model and its replacement.

The process of creating a 3D model begins with the engineer who creates a series of 2D drawings, which can be created using AutoCAD, Revit or Sketchup.

No, you don’t need to be an architect to get the services of BIM Modeling by us but it is more beneficial if you have a proper knowledge of CAD, Revit, AutoCAD and other related software.