Our commitment to safety and sustainability is unwavering. We strive for zero incidents and responsible, sustainable practices to protect our people, projects, and reputation.

AESOM’s dedication to safety has been acknowledged with numerous safety awards from clients and councils worldwide. We have been honored with several accolades, including multiple awards from the United States National Safety Council (NSC), as well as the prestigious Ground Investigation Project of the Year Award, and the Health and Safety Award for our safety initiatives.
Our unwavering dedication to safety is evident in our internal programs, which have resulted in hundreds of supervisors earning the Safety Qualified Supervisor status. This program is a testament to our commitment to our values and exceptional leadership abilities. The expertise is essential in providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees.
We are proud of our safety achievements and our commitment to the well-being of our people. We will continue to strive for excellence in safety performance and maintain our industry-leading position in safety and sustainability.

Our Valuable Life Safety Measures

Safety Training and Orientation

At AESOM, we offer our employees efficient safety training programs to recognize and minimize workplace hazards, reducing the risk of injuries to themselves and others.

Contractor Safety Management

We collaborate closely with our project staff and sub-consultants, subcontractors, contractors, and partners. This way, we ensure a safe work environment for employees and the public. We pursue excellence in performance for all project participants.

Safety Budgeting and Staffing

We make sure that our safety staff is adequately trained, competent, and qualified to offer technical resources to our clients. We provide the necessary budgetary support for our safety activities, which is incorporated into our project proposals.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

At AESOM, we are prepared to respond to emergencies and crises to protect the safety and health of our employees, contractors, clients, and communities. We have developed emergency plans, trained our staff, and conducted drills to ensure effective responses to various scenarios. We coordinate emergency responses and recovery efforts with local authorities and stakeholders.

Incident Analysis and Improvement

AESOM’s safety professionals and managers comprehensively investigate all recordable incidents and serious near misses. By identifying contributing factors and root causes, we communicate lessons learned and implement preventive measures to avoid future occurrences.

Executive Sponsorship

By demonstrating their unwavering support and commitment, AESOM’s Executive, senior, and project managers take the lead in the improvement process.

Health and Safety Policy

Employees at AESOM are accountable for ensuring that they are fit for duty and do not pose a risk to their own safety or that of others when reporting to work.

Employee Appreciation

AESOM recognizes and rewards employees for their efforts in working safely and for supporting safety initiatives.

Feasibility Assessment

Our design, engineering, project, and construction management staff implement effective risk mitigation measures to ensure safety is integrated into every project. We consider pre-project and pre-task planning a crucial tool to safeguard our employees and the environment.

Workforce Involvement

AESOM fosters active participation of its employees in safety processes such as safety committees, training, audits, inspections, and observations. The company places a high value on promoting healthy lifestyles and encourages engagement in health initiatives.