When it comes to technology, advancement, and project development, AESOM has it all covered! Our work stands out among others based on advancement, techniques, and quality. AESOM was formerly known as Aesom Engineering Company. Our main services include several distinctive architectural and construction management services such as corporation designs, builds, operates, and finances a variety of infrastructure upgrades for businesses, governments, and private citizens. Furthermore, our basic services include investment management, planning and consulting, design and architecture, budget control, manufacturing, decontamination and maintenance, engineering, and ecological services.

AESOM is now serving in Abu Dhabi- a place famously known for its advanced architecture in the UAE and we are delighted to take part in the construction management and architectural projects of the city. We take pride in contributing directly to the construction of some famous buildings that have influenced the country's infrastructure and scenery.

Whatever your vision, we will nail it for you!

AESOM is a global company and we have offered top-notch services on some of the biggest developments around the world. There is not a single person who is not happy with the services we provided them. We let our work speak for itself and with one of the largest teams of professionals in the Middle East, we are pleased to have earned our clients' trust. Our Client’s satisfaction and the dedicated team have helped AESOM reach heights in the world like a skyscraper. We are dedicated to running our company responsibly and constantly aiming for improvement, whether it's through cutting emissions, adding social value, or diversifying our senior leadership and workforce. Together with people who wish to change the world for the better, we are driving change in the direction of a future of construction and architecture that is more sustainable and equitable. Our ability to think outside the box is what keeps us at the forefront because we believe Ideas have no boundaries.

Construction Management and Engineering Services

AESOM delivers a comprehensive array of construction management services for various project types and clientele. Our construction managers, resident engineers, and inspectors help deliver projects more quickly, better, and more affordably by fostering communication and resolving issues before they harm the work. We provide construction services that guarantee quality and cost savings while reducing client risk and facilitating communication among project stakeholders. Our extensive engineering resources enable us to effortlessly deliver projects to clients on time and within budget by acting as a one-stop shop for the client and a quick resource for the project manager on the ground.

Architectural Services

AESOM believes that the foundation of great architecture is always people. We support projects that promote development and leave the world a better, more resilient place for everyone. Our hard-working and dedicated team follows a strategy of design that is meaningful, straightforward, effective, and aesthetic. Regardless of the project, our design is essentially influenced by a dedication to the requirements of the community, the experience of the individual, and sustainable development principles.

Estimation Service

AESOM is a one-stop shop for different estimating services. Our ability to give accurate construction estimates to our valued clients and our competitive market knowledge ensure that we consistently produce winning bids. Our mission is to provide the best estimation services to the public. In order to help our clients win bids for every project, our knowledgeable team of estimators provides them with accurate estimates. Our skilled estimators are capable of providing you with accurate quotes for estimating services.


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