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Optimize Your Business Success with Streamlined Sourcing and Procurement Services

In any kind of business sourcing and procurement plays an essential role. Without the sourcing and procurement’s streamlined process, no business can survive in the long-run. Moreover, these two components affect the profit and loss of any business. The sourcing and procurement can be called the backbone of the business. The more streamlined and processed these fields are, the more profit an organization or business will create.

The sourcing and procurement, both fall in the same category, but have different purposes. The sourcing refers to the process of managing suppliers, negotiating with them, making the deal done and streamlining the manufacturing process. Overall, it’s a backbone of supply management and accounts of the business.

On the other hand, procurement refers to purchasing and buying the supplies from the seller. It’s a front end task of supply chain management. The business purchases the product from the seller in the procurement stage.

In short, sourcing is the back-end word and procurement is the front-end work of supply chain management.

What do we do?

We are a sledding business solution company in the US with the highest trust ration by the clients and lowest pricing in the market. Sourcing and procurement is one of our services. It involves the process of obtaining and managing the suppliers for a company at the best possible pricing and superior quality.

Sourcing the Sellers

We do our best to find the best possible supplier for your business. We handle all the finding work. For more precision, we’ve hired industry's best field agents to source the suppliers and all the possible solutions. So we can end the deal in a better range.

Negotiating With the Seller

The 2nd stage of our process is negotiating with the seller. We try our best to close the deal at the lowest possible rates. We’ve dedicated professional negotiators to end the deal at the possible lowest rates. We first take the budget from the client and then negotiate from the seller accordingly.

Closing the Deal

After the negotiation is done and the deal is closed, the procurement process starts. The procurement process involves the process of the sourcing and and sending the supplies to the buyer or business.

We’re just a phone call away!

Just hit us a call and take our quotation of procurement and sourcing services. We guarantee to give you the best and lowest quotation possible in the market. So call us now and increase your business’s profit with our sourcing and procurement services.

Ordering from us is easy!

We’re just a phone call away from your project. Especially, for new startups, just hit a missed call. We’ll take all your project details including the niche, targeted market and other details that we need. After that, our representative will give you a call back with the lowest priced quote.

Send your Blueprint

To start working with us, all you’ve to do is to send us the file. We’ll review it and will respond to you within 1 day or two.

Consider the Quotation

One of our agents will soon give you the quotation. The quotation is a customized pricing based on your work in the lowest possible pricing.

Place the Order

Now, all you’ve to do is to place the order. We’re just a click away. You can pay the 50% advance and start the order. It’s that easy!

Let us help you build the best and highest profit supply chain!


Delivery on time


Quality service


Errors and mistakes

We assure you to give you the highest profit supply chain solution. With our professionals including field agents, negotiators and market analysts, we create the highest profit margin supply chain for your business.

Who we are

We are a full service sourcing and procurement company that brings together our unique expertise in sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing and logistics. We know how to get it done.

Our procurement and strategic sourcing is designed to help you source and buy the right product at the right price. Our team of field agents, data analysts, negotiators and finders have the experience and expertise to make sure your business can get the most out of its money.

We have access to thousands of suppliers around the world who can help us source products at competitive prices.Aesom uses advanced technology tools to help us find the best prices on all of the products we buy from our suppliers. We use our own internal production facilities to ensure that we always meet your high standards for quality and delivery time.

Moreover, we also provide market research for manufacturers and distributors to help them identify new markets and set up operations in new territories.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of using a sourcing agency like Aesom?

Sourcing agencies like Aesom can help businesses save time and money by reducing the time it takes to find suppliers, finding new suppliers or negotiating terms with existing suppliers. They can also help prevent mistakes in the procurement process, which can lead to higher costs and missed opportunities.

What are sourcing and procurement services?

Sourcing in procurement and supply providers help businesses to source products and services more efficiently, reduce costs and improve their competitiveness.

How long does it take to complete the task?

It generally depends on the market, sellers and the time it takes to close the deal in the targeted negotiation. Overall, it takes about 20-25 days to complete your project and about 1-2 days in strategic sourcing procurement consulting.