Environmental Engineering Services

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Environmental Engineering Services

What Is Environmental Engineering Service?

In the era of environmental awakening, Environmental Engineering Services are gaining more attention from engineers. It involves the practices that solve environmental issues to ensure sustainability through an engineering project lifecycle. For this, engineers use specific rules, methods, and technologies to foster environmental friendliness. Doing this, they focus on the preservation and restoration of natural resources and the environment.

Environmental engineering services majorly include water & air quality management, solid waste management, remediation of environmental hazards, site clean-ups, environmental impact assessment (EIAs), planning & installing renewable energy projects, environmental compliance and regulations assessments,  ecosystem restoration & conservation practices, developing green infrastructure, perform risk evaluations for clients, and suggesting their adaptations to environmental to current or recurring or future problems.

Our Services

All services for your residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural engineering projects or areas are offered by our Environmental Engineering Consultants.

Environmental Services Consulting

We give sustainable design and Environmental Services Consulting to obtain environmental efficiency and economic advantage at the same time. For this, our experts focus on the best mix of sustainable and cost-effective modern techniques, materials, tools, and ideas. Our consulting services help you go sustainable using the limited resources you have. You will get certain benefits if you work with us.

Environmental Engineering Consultants

Installations and planning of renewable energy projects like solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass, and minimizing fossil use is also a part of our Environmental Engineering Services. We assess our partners’ environmental compliance and regulations adherence to local and international environmental laws, environmental treaties, and agreed-upon frameworks.

Unmatched Quality Solutions

You will get unparalleled quality services and sustainable solutions at AESOM. Our zeal to maintain effective communication is our key factor for customer success. We believe in close collaboration with our client since day one. Focus on understanding our project goals, deadlines, and key performance indicators. Fast response rate to our clients to save them from financial losses, 24/7 assistance is available to our clients.

Customized & Economic Solutions Environmental Hurdles

Let’s Start Working For a Sustainable Future for Generations to Come!

All in One Solution | Building Design, Engineering, and Construction

At AESOM, you get all the consulting and engineering and construction, and building designs, in one spot. Saves you time and energy!
Stop the hustle of looking for a company that is pro at all the domains.

We are a State Environmental Agency giving one spot solution to all your construction and engineering needs. Among various other services, we offer Environmental Engineering Services to our clients. We know the perfect balance between gaining economic prosperity and maintaining sustainability on Earth.

We perform site assessments and offer remediation’s to ensure the delivery of sustainable designs that meet international and local standards and regulations. We also provide our clients with top-notch Environmental Services Consulting. Customized strategies that help you win the sustainability race.

We provide our clients with water quality and management services which include the planning and construction of systems that treat wastewater and storm water. As a result, water is purified and water bodies are protected around the globe.

Our air quality management practices minimize environmentally hazardous materials and gases emitted from factories or transportation means. Solid waste management includes the planning and execution of full-proof waste disposal practices.

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Solutions and Suspensions

We get to solve your issues that require urgency. Call us for Environmental Services Consulting!

In-depth Site Evaluations

We perform rigorous and extensive site assessments to obtain all the required data for Environmental Contracting Services. It enables you to know the environmental risks and problems you need to focus on for your project's success.

Software We Use

> Rhino 3D
> Revit Architecture
> SketchUp
> V-Ray
> AutoCAD
> Maya
> ArchiCAD
> Grasshopper
> Dynamo
> Fusion 360

Environmental Engineering Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental Engineering Services

Do you give revisions?

Strict quality checks and delivery reviews. And revise upon request until a client is fully satisfied.

How long serving in the industry?

AESOM was founded in 2007, and we have proudly delivered 586 projects to a diverse customer base of over 570 in 60+ countries.

What software do we use?

Rhino 3D, Revit Architecture, SketchUp, V-Ray, AutoCAD, Maya, ArchiCAD, Grasshopper, Dynamo, and Fusion 360 are some of our top-used software.

Do you have a full-fledged quality assurance (QA) framework?

Yes. All our projects go through a rigorous quality assurance system to ensure error-free delivery.