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Civil Engineering is a broad field and includes many other applications. Tunnels engineering is one of them. It's a specialized field of civil engineering that covers the engineering and development of tunnels in a government or public scale.

In tunnel engineering, engineers design a corridor of entry and exit points for cars, and vehicles on the road that are blocked by the mountnia, large rock or any earthly object. It’s a pass through the gate from inside the building.

Tunnel construction engineering services involve the design and construction of underground tunnels, underground railways, subways and other underground structures. The work involved in tunnel engineering is similar to that done in other forms of civil engineering such as highway construction or building construction.

At the government level, governments hire agencies or construction firms that provide tunnel engineering services. They agencies like Aesom can build the tunnel at the better deal. It saves time, effort, provides good quality service and offers budgeting to the government.

Why Choose Aesom?

Aesom provides quality and up-to-the mark service that no other agency can provide in the similar deal. Here’re some things in which Aesom outperform other services:

Quality Services

During the construction of the tunnel, we make sure to keep the quality of construction up-to-date and as per the latest standard. We only source our materials from quality sellers that are authorized and licensed by the ISO.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance of our channel tunnel engineering firm is highly strict. The QA team doubles check and maintains and keeps the standard as perfect as possible. The team double checks the construction process and makes sure that there’s no gap, quality issue weld issue or any loop.

Pricing Guarantee

We offer the best quality pricing and tunnel engineering solutions. We make sure to give you the quote of lowest pricing. Moreover, we’ve also maintained the quality of our tunnel engineering. And that’s the reason for our success. We quote you the lowest pricing possible in the market.

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About Us

We are a full service engineering company that provides a broad range of tunnel engineering services in the United States. Our engineers have extensive experience with all aspects of tunnel design, construction, and operations.

Our engineers use 3D modeling and simulation technology to design your tunnel, ensuring that it will meet all safety-related requirements of your project.

The civil engineers who work with us have the technical knowledge and experience to design and construct tunnels that meet your traffic flow, durabiliy criteria and desgin. We can help you improve safety, reduce construction time, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

We provide tunnel engineering services in various areas including:

  • Intersection improvements such as pedestrian crossings or traffic signals
  • Bulkheads and retaining walls
  • Hydraulic structures such as cofferdams or slurry walls
  • Ventilation systems for underground structures

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Construction Company

There are four main categories of tunnel engineering services:

  • TBM
  • DBM
  • CMP

Tunnel design, planning and design review.

The tunnel engineering services are the services that help the construction of tunnels. There are many tunnel engineering companies in the USA who can provide these services.

Our engineers use 3D modeling and simulation technology to design your tunnel, ensuring that it will meet all safety-related requirements of your project.